Pretty pictures!

I’ve been using Instagram for a few years now, and never thought to share here on my blog that I was using the service.

I was a little apprehensive when Facebook announced they would be buying the photo-sharing app, but ever since the 2012 acquisition the app has largely remained unchanged, with any alterations only positive. Yes, ads are coming, but that’s a required component of a free service.

If I’m not taking pictures of my cats then you’ll no doubt find snaps from my travels. My handle, like my Twitter, is @chrisbrandrick.

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Jeff Garlin has a new podcast by the way.

Jeff Garlin has a new podcast, and if you are a fan of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm then you’ll definitely enjoy the first episode. His guest is Larry David.

You can listen to the show, By The Way, here.

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Apple Nails The Execution

The Verge reviews the new 2012 iMac and Mac Mini, noting that the hybrid SSD/HDD Fusion Drive is a “very good idea” adding that although “Apple didn’t invent the idea”, “it nails the execution” – something which is safe to say about a lot of Apple’s work.

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Blocked by Amazon


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8 Surface Windows RT Microsoft What?

Yup, seems like confusion about Windows 8 and the Surface is rife, even for Microsoft Store employees.

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L.A. Noire delivers genuine nostalgia

Late-sixities former L.A. resident revisits the city he grew up in, virtually:

“a refreshingly thoughtful-almost intellectual-scenario that I would not have expected in something called a game”.

Good read from Eurogamer.

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Does the Red Bull Stratos jump matter? Yup.

“there’s something refreshing about the idea that millions of people spent at least a few minutes marveling at the old-fashioned exploits of a brave man in a spacesuit”

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Finding your voice and tone

A great little site highlighting how important it is to get your web copy just right.

Lots of clear well put forward common sense advice.

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Crazy Taxi coming to iOS

Looking forward to this.

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Cook’s Maps Letter

It’s refreshing to see a CEO take this approach — being honest and upfront that something isn’t quite right. Rightly so, as Maps on iOS 6 suck – as this article from my home-town so painfully highlights.

What struck me as interesting is Tim Cook openly recommending that people try other rival mapping applications, suggesting that a fix for the numerous problems in the Apple’s new Maps app aren’t coming anytime soon.


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